Sequestration Sunday

When Jujubee just randomly licked Raven’s arm, I thought about how I would have done the same thing (in her male form of course).  I have indubitably hated myself/wanted to fumigate my entire being for even thinking of having hypothetical relations with Raven — much less be willing to them.  …and to think that I thought I should set fire to the brain for secretly hoping for relations with Paul Ryan.

It can worse, though:  The object could have been Phi Phi instead.

More importantly, the theme of today seems to have been sequestration, which started with my realizing that, even with my relatively small spending, my budget is apparently closer to Broke Bitch dollars and Not Even Welfare Would Want You cents than I am comfortable with it being.  Apparently the life-completing experience of meeting my favorite queen this past Thursday was slightly more costly than I had thought/calculated.  That being said, I have imposed upon myself a severe budget sequestration — severe spending cuts all around with allotments only for the Christmas presents I have already been set to buy, any minor ingredients for holiday recipes, and any libational relaxers I deem necessary for my well-being.  Move over, Greece et al.; there’s a new, unprecedentedly chicer austerity in the world now.

Moving away from the legal and/or financial connotations of the word ‘sequestration’, there was also hate sequestering hate, and hacks trying to induce the sequestration of hate…with the common denominator being Westboro.

Most importantly, though, I feel lost like one of those girls from the Northwest Territories who happened to see a re-run of ANTM and decided that she would go to New York and make it big (and not knowing that it is mostly based in Los Angeles).  Now that I have waltzed, cha-cha-cha-ed, sashayed, shantayed, tried to do Mystique-splits, &c., through all of RuPaul’s Drag shows, I have no clue as to where to start afresh outside the world of drag TV.  Scandals, Real Housewives of _____s, and Dexters have all rushed past me — nearly knocking me over.  I need a kind TV world boy to show this small drag TV town girl around and guide her to TV watching success.  I would consider this one, but interest has waned all the way to a very solid zero (especially recently):